Flow along srf - Srf morph

Hi guys,

I am working on the analysis diagram of a bridge and I need the flow along srf function in GH at the end of my definition to get the diagram output.

I want to go from bend srf on the left to the unrolled one, flat on the right with all the lines. I tought of
use SrfMorph but I can avoid a strange mistake (pls see picture) Do you know where I made a mistake?
The output in can get in Rhino alone is on the right down of the pic.
Unroll_Flow along srf.gh (20.0 KB)

Thank you very much in advance :tulip:

You could use Sporph instead…

Unroll_Flow along srf_re.gh (22.0 KB)


Hello HS_Kim! Thanks for your quick reply. I tried Sporph and with deformations turned on (D) there is no sufficient output in terms of precision

. When I turn off the deformations, the vertical goes crazy (see attached image).

In the meantime I noticed that with the SrfMorph it’s a bit weird, this is a rotated projection but still not flat and not close to reality ;((

Do you guys know hot to get a projection close to the one from unrollsrf in Rhino?
Thanks in advance!

You could also use the unroll functionality if you want…Attached is using wombat plugin.

Unroll_Flow along srf_reV2.gh (19.0 KB)


Pufferfish and OpenNest plugins also have components that can unroll points and curves along with surfaces.

There are likely other plugins besides WombatGH, Pufferfish, and OpenNest that will do this as well.



You are amazing! Wombat worked out, ill try Pufferfisch and OpenNest to choose the most precise one.
Thank you :smiley:

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