Flow along mesh?

Hi guys,
With the “flow along Surface” command lines or other geometry can be projected from a flat to a 3D geometry

Is it possible to do the same thing with meshes?
The 2D mesh could be for example the extracted UV mesh from the 3D mesh.

Is there a 3rd party app, script or something which offers this?


Hi @Norbert,

you might try _Squish to create the flattened version of your 3D mesh. Then draw eg. some curves on the 2D mesh and use _Squishback to transform them back to the 3D mesh.


Hi Clement,

right I have totally forgotten the Squish command.

Thank you!

@clement 'm playing arround with this and I find that with _squishback it is only possible to “flow” curves and points.
Is it possible to flow objects such as polysurfaces or meshes with other tools? I also find that the flatten mesh that squish creates is often distorted and bends over itself creating very unlikely results.

I find that the mesh that creates _Unwrap to apply a texture map is very much precise, but we can only use this mesh to apply texture mapping, right? It could be great to get this mesh and work with it to flow objects along the original mesh. I don’t know If I am missing something.

Maybe @pascal could help. If you need an example file I can attach.


Hello - I don’t know of any tool for that. I think you can get the unwrap meshes though, if you want just the meshes, with ExtractUVMesh


@kiwi, if you can post an example it would help.

For better squish results it helps if the 3d mesh is tesselated homogeneous, which means, all triangles should have roughly the same edge length.