Floor Finish By Room using Grasshopper inside Revit!

There are not many resources online to learn #RhinoInside Revit. So I decided to create some🎉! My first video is about creating Floor Finishes by Room Boundaries, a task that can be automated easily and save us a huge amount of time🕒.

If you have any recommendations or feedback, just let me know🖖!

I have created the BIMGeek Youtube channel about a year ago and tried to create some content locally whenever I get a chance. Now is the time to take another step and go international🇬🇧! Join me on this journey!


Thanks for putting that together, its really helpful & well presented video.

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Have done finish for Floor, Wall and Kick,

Regret :

  1. Ceiling still a no go.
  2. Floor hole in boundary only support in RVT 2022.
  3. RIR doesn’t have wall sweep for Kick.

Floors with openings as well as Ceiling API came with Revit 2022. So it all depends on what Autodesk offers to developers. I have created a custom component for that purpose. Until we have a native component, I am going to stick with that. Tutorial for how to create ceilings through will come in the future.

Wall Sweep component is a logical request. Maybe @kike can add this as a feature request. We are also using wall sweeps (sometimes walls :expressionless:) for kicks. That might be a huge timesaver.

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