Floating viewport command not responsive

I’m in Rhino 6 and I noticed often that commands cannot run while I’m in a floating viewport. No response to my typing in the command line. As if the main rhino window and my floating viewport were two separate application windows.

any ideas?

Hi Will - so, if your cursor in on a floater (same or different monitor?) command line input fails, correct? Or do you place the cursor in the command line explicitly? (both should work as far as I can see here).


it’s the first scenario.
I have two monitors. float viewport is on 2nd screen while main on 1st. I’m in float viewport actively and as I type nothing happens in the command line in main.
This only happens once in a while.

Hello - if you can pin down a condition or sequence of actions that makes this happen, that would of course be useful. I don’t recall having heard of this until now…