Flip normal vectors of surface

Hey guys, I would like to extrude these surfaces to the inside. I tried to do this with the normal vectors at the middle of each of the surfaces, but the result is not exactly what I want. The normal vectors have different directions, so the extrude sometimes gets to the inside, sometimes to the outside. How can I flip the normals that way that they all point to the inside?

Flip Normal vectors
Here you can see that the extrude goes to the inside (left) and at some surfaces to the outside (right)

flip normal vectors.gh (490.6 KB)

Hey !

I’ve noticed that when the vectors are not going in the same direction, they are at least in same branches. which is easier to fix !
Is it something like this?

flip normal vectors_ama.gh (488.9 KB)

flip normal vectors_re.gh (940.7 KB)

Hahaha !
I didn’t though of checking that hidden internalized data !
Nice one :slight_smile:

Thanks a lot!!

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