Flip Closed Curve With a Guide Fail

Hello Guys, I have an issue to align the direction of the closed curve with a guide. Can someone give me a hand with this one? Thank you

Without posting your code and geometry? :man_facepalming:

Are these planar curves? It often works well to create a circle on the same plane and use it as the guide for flip curve.

Hello Joseph, the attachment is the curves that I would to align the directions. I would like to loft the curves after aligning the directions. Thank you.
Flip Enclose Curves.gh (67.2 KB)
Flip Enclose Curves_Loft Testing.gh (69.4 KB)

Yeah… Pretty far from planar curves! And they overlap each other. You don’t need flip curve at all if you select ‘Align sections’ in loft options. More of a seam issue perhaps?

Hi Joseph, I have tried the align option, doesn’t work all the time. Are there any other ways that I can align the direction of the curves? I believe the seams are in the same spot

These curves are such a mess that I’m surprised loft works at all.

After some digging, it was clear that flip curve (and loft ‘Align sections’) was confused by them. So I wrote some clumsy code to measure the distance between points that determines whether a curve is flipped or not. Actually, all get flipped and P’n’C (Pic’n’Choose) picks the one that results in the least distance between div points. It’s ugly but it works.

Flip Enclose Curves_2022Nov1a.gh (76.2 KB)

P.S. Here’s something less clumsy that also seems to work.

Flip Enclose Curves_2022Nov1bb.gh (74.5 KB)

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Thank you Joseph, really appreciate your time and help. The reason why it is so twisted is because the base model is a Subd element, and I am trying to give the object a thickness.So I offset the Subd surface ( extracted the top surfaces first as I need the area to be open) > cut both surfaces 6m apart at Z direction > and try to cap these two open surfaces with these weird curves with loft. Perhaps there is a much simpler and easier approach that you can share?