Flattering surfaces with Grasshopper (UV curves command)

Dear Professionals,
Please share your ideas how can I recreate a flat equivalent of wavy surface with Grasshopper.
I need to maintain surface domain in order to keep overall shape proportion.
I came with idea to use Domain BOX. With domain box I had used the wavy surface domain data and created a flat reference surface (Green surface). Please advise how similar result can be achieved with grasshopper in another way.
In rhino we have the command Create UV curves. The result of this command is curves over green surface. As you can see the size of my green surface doesnt match UV curves. Please advise how can I get the same result with Grasshopper as UV curves command does.

Did you mean flattening, meaning you have a curved surface and you want to flatten / unroll it along with the openings?

I believe there are two commands you can use Unroll and Squish each with advantages and disadvantages

Also please don’t double post so closely related topics

I would be appreciate for any new logic in grasshopper