Flatten Sub Lists only in Curve/Plane intersection

Hi there,

I’m struggling with List and trees inside grasshopper.

Working inside a cluster, where I graft the inputs and everything looks like it is working with this exception:

I’m using the Curve/Plane Intersection to get the points of 2 curves.
I have 2 sets of 1 curve, 2 sets of 100 PFrames, I need to output 2 sets of 100 points, but it is not working.

I get separate sub list with {0;0} to {0;99} and {1;0 up to {1;99}, if I flatten it i just get 1 list with 200 outputs.

is there a way to flatten the sub-list?
I tried flattening the inputs of PCX but doesn’t work.

Found the Solution,

I flatten the output of the curve intercept into 1 list and use partition List to split the list.
also use Len list of the Pframes to know how many values per list.

You didn’t post your code so nobody can analyze it and perhaps suggest a better way of dealing with data trees.