Intersecting and data tree troubleshooting


I’m working on a method for subdividing plots (planar curves). While this works fine for one curve, problems come up when working on multiple plots at once. For each plot, I want to make two sets of lines and intersect these with each other, disregarding any of the other plots.

What seems to happen though, is that one set of lines from the first plot intersects with the second set from all of the other plots. How should the data be structured to make it behave the way I want? It seems like it should be simple but I really can’t figure it out.

Any help with this is kindly appreciated. I would also be very interested in any tips or pointers to improve my general understanding of data tree issues

plot (22.9 KB)

Probably not the most elegant solution, but i think it catches the mice :slight_smile:

plot (30.8 KB)

Thank you Jakinta, it catches a lot of mice!

I haven’t used the duplicate data and partial list components before, these are good tools to have. :smiley: