Flatten 3d spiral shape

I have an awkward 3D spiral shape that i’m interested in flattening into 2D, so that the spiral will be rolled out. The final objective is to cut the shape with a lazer cutter and that’s why i need it to be rolled out in 2d form.
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Hagarspiral.3dm (5.2 MB)

UnrollSrf unrolled the surface. However there was considerable distortion, probably because of the folding. The results are near the origin, not the original surface. spiral DC.3dm (2.1 MB)

Command: UnrollSrf
Calculating starting area… Press Esc to cancel
Select curves on surface to unroll ( Explode=Yes Labels=No KeepProperties=No ):
Calculating starting area… Press Esc to cancel
Area is 1380204.5696 sq centimeters (27.63 % ) bigger after unrolling
One surface unrolled.

i don’t think you’ll be able to flatten this then cut it out as a single continuous piece that can then be rolled up to form the shape.

sections of the flattened surface will overlap other sections of it… i think you’ll have to cut the model up into various pieces then assemble sub-assemblies which are then joined to form the whole.

which material are you going to lasercut?