Flatten 3d spiral shape



I have an awkward 3D spiral shape that i’m interested in flattening into 2D, so that the spiral will be rolled out. The final objective is to cut the shape with a lazer cutter and that’s why i need it to be rolled out in 2d form.
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Hagarspiral.3dm (5.2 MB)

(David Cockey) #2

UnrollSrf unrolled the surface. However there was considerable distortion, probably because of the folding. The results are near the origin, not the original surface. spiral DC.3dm (2.1 MB)

Command: UnrollSrf
Calculating starting area… Press Esc to cancel
Select curves on surface to unroll ( Explode=Yes Labels=No KeepProperties=No ):
Calculating starting area… Press Esc to cancel
Area is 1380204.5696 sq centimeters (27.63 % ) bigger after unrolling
One surface unrolled.


i don’t think you’ll be able to flatten this then cut it out as a single continuous piece that can then be rolled up to form the shape.

sections of the flattened surface will overlap other sections of it… i think you’ll have to cut the model up into various pieces then assemble sub-assemblies which are then joined to form the whole.


which material are you going to lasercut?