Creating a dome/dish from an irregular curve?

I’m trying to do a cut and fill operation on this terrain, I need to create a dome/dish using this irregular curve ending with a depth of the central point. Not trying to reference the terrain otherwise.

I’d appreciate any advice on where to start.

Attached is the internalized curve and point for reference.

irregular (2.2 KB)

Likely you can use pufferfish with concentric tweening and then loft them together. I’ll send you a definition once I finish my 4th of July burger

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And then relax it with Kangaroo

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Hello ClosedCrv

Below the output from Kangaroo. you can apply some mesh operations to control the structural expressions, you can test it with some Weaverbird tools

Like this

irregular (15.9 KB)

You can also add controus to bring it back to Nurbs Life

Let me know if you have any questions.

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That’s awesome @tay.alrawi even more of a weird shape than I had hoped. Looks like a sea creature. Docofosser needs a surface for a Cut and Fill however, what tool would you recommend for converting this mesh? It’s blobby enough that precision clearly doesn’t matter. Could I loft contours?

Well I brute forced the mesh into a surface, my laptop didn’t like it but Docofosser liked the results, this is baby bottom smooth. Thanks again @tay.alrawi!!


Here is the before and after…


Looking great! Glad you were able to manipulate it to suit your needs.