Flamingo nXt ring studio template?


does someone have a nice out of the box template setting for a juwellry ring for Flamingo nXt?



I don’t but I’d say trying some different HDR files in the Skylight would be the first step. Then if the reflections and refractions look good for that specific model, I’d add one or two additional lights for drama.

Hi Brian,

I’ve tried this with a quick shot, but the customer was not satisfied.



They could try other renderers or post a model to see how other users might set it up. It’s hard to say what to try without a model or existing render.

I would recommend using Neon - quick to setup and simple to edit,

My images on this webpage are all rendered with Neon - www.cadwax.com

You can also set up your Neon displaymode so it doesn’t show the xyz axis so this isn’t shown when viewcapturing.

Without resorting to Neon + Brazil and reiterating the original question, Is it possible to set up some defaults so when Flamingo opens for the first time, they can be set?

So If I have a set lighting scheme, can it be loaded by Flamingo at Startup?
As a starting point, can the output size be adjusted as well? 640 x 400 is pretty outdated, even a web size standard.


It is possible to setup defaults for Flamingo and jewelry. Normally I would take a file and import it into a model that is setup as a studio.

What is the customer currently getting from the rendering? Perhaps we can see the model and take a run at it.

We can render to any resolution. The default resolution is saved in the Rhino template files. You can change the templates with Flamingo then re-save them.

Thanks @scottd , for example this week I have 13 Rhino files and each file has 3 versions to render. So I open one model, set render size (1500 x 1500 px) (Same size for every render, every day, week month), enable ground plane and set it then bring in my lighting studio. This is done for each File.

So I was wondering if Flamingo can be set at start-up with some of my defaults.

Using a studio file and importing seems a simple work around, not sure how much time it will save.

I will look at a template file, but that has to be used at start of rhino build, right? This seems like best bet. The issue may be that 2 of our designers work on Rhino for Mac. I will test the template suggestion right now,

Thanks for the options.

This is for our internal process. For our Jewellery designs we

Draw ideas, pencil & Paper (sometimes Rhino & Illustrator) - if approved then
Make Rhino model - if approved, then
Render - if approved, then
Sent for physical samples.

So all our renders are set the same, size, lighting, materials etc.
If I was doing one Render at a time then It would probably be fine. Like the last 2 weeks I had 30-40 renders to do each week

just looking at Batch rendering right now. Where to start?

“We can render to any resolution. The default resolution is saved in the
Rhino template files. You can change the templates with Flamingo then
re-save them.”

Thank you, that’s what I wanted and I didn’t know how easy
it is!