Firefly plug-in

I need to creaste forms coming from sounds. I already find a tutorial video that explain how to do it whit firefly but I want to know if exist another one that could make the same work.

I was not able to understand your query properly. Can you please brief me about it a little more?

I want to create random shapes coming from sounds, changing by the frecuency of the sounds. I know that firefly can do it but i having dificults to use it.

Well Firefly has the Frequency Spectrum component that when you yell at your computer (Use your mic) and it’ll return a serious of variables. One is the peak note, another peak Hz and the third is note volume. Now because shouting at the computer is silly and if you want to use actual sound from lets say music from spotify you can change your Microphone to Stereo Mixer which will automatically take your sound output from your speakers and use that for your microphone which is then recorded by the Frequency Spectrum. What you can do is take your Frequency spectrum, connect it to a Data Dam and then to a Data Recorder and take perhaps the Peak Hz or the Peak note and maybe say if the number is greater than 90 then it’s this shape but if its less than 80 its this shape and do stuff like that or change scale etc.

From my research into using sound Firefly is both reliable and simple. I think that it’s just how you use it.

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