Audio Data into Grasshopper - in year 2020


Hello parametric-friends,

I’m doing a free project about audio and forms. The script right now is pretty simple, I’m using Firefly’s Sound Capture to samples audio and having pressure and volume into GH.

I have a very clear and easy question: is it possible on Window to redirect the audio data from the speaker to the Microphone? In a way that the Sound Capture component is earing the pure-directly data which would after go to the speakers?

The reply of this question is YES :joy: the fact is that I already did it but I don’t remember how.

From this recorded video-audio you can clearly understand that the audio is from my phone and not from direct pc.

From this recorded video-audio (no video editing) you can clearly understand that the audio is the one from the PC.

How did I do that? It’s a mistery to me right now. I only have the far remembrance that was something about Realtek and (I think) you should go to your speaker > right click > Sounds… and ???

A beer for who can help me. Many thank! :slight_smile:

And since we are talking about Firefly… I was also testing the Frequency Spectrum component but when I close my GH and re-open it I have this serie of errors:

And in this Profondo Rosso you cannot do anything except quit GH and Rhino, your file is lost forever. DOOOOOMMMM