Audio Data into Grasshopper - in year 2020

Hello parametric-friends,

I’m doing a free project about audio and forms. The script right now is pretty simple, I’m using Firefly’s Sound Capture to samples audio and having pressure and volume into GH.

I have a very clear and easy question: is it possible on Window to redirect the audio data from the speaker to the Microphone? In a way that the Sound Capture component is earing the pure-directly data which would after go to the speakers?

The reply of this question is YES :joy: the fact is that I already did it but I don’t remember how.

From this recorded video-audio you can clearly understand that the audio is from my phone and not from direct pc.

From this recorded video-audio (no video editing) you can clearly understand that the audio is the one from the PC.

How did I do that? It’s a mistery to me right now. I only have the far remembrance that was something about Realtek and (I think) you should go to your speaker > right click > Sounds… and ???

A beer for who can help me. Many thank! :slight_smile:

And since we are talking about Firefly… I was also testing the Frequency Spectrum component but when I close my GH and re-open it I have this serie of errors:

And in this Profondo Rosso you cannot do anything except quit GH and Rhino, your file is lost forever. DOOOOOMMMM

Hi Michele, did you ever have any luck figuring out your firefly issue? I am trying to use the frequency Spectrum but mine keeps crashing.

No unfortunately I didn’t :frowning: it’s a very old plugin… maybe some strange updates are affecting it