Firefly coming to Mac?

curious if anyone has heard if it might make it over one day.


Need mac version of firefly !!! arduino works but cannot control it with grasshopper without firefly :frowning:

Hi - Firefly hasn’t been updated since early 2015 - I would look for something else at this point.
The only other hit I get for Arduino on F4R is Heteroduino - I don’t know if that runs on Mac…


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this doesn’t work on mac either, the main problem being that arduino doesnt read the grasshopper plugin via mac

sucks that we bought the hardware and it’s obsolete.

Firefly still works on Windows, correct?

@kleerkoat - I found your post on the Firefly forum, very helpful! but the zip didn’t include the Sound Capture components - do you know why?

hmm, not sure, if memory serves me correct they didn’t work on mac so i took them out.

i just used this program to extract the installer files, maybe you can try extracting it again and see if they are in there. if you need help let me know.

Thank you, I’ll give this a try.

Hey, also saw your post on the other forum. could you maybe repost the link to the zip file? i think it expired. Thank you!