Finding the edge curves of surfaces

I am trying to extract the edges of a list of surfaces so I tried using the ‘edge faces’ component however it is not selecting all the edges for some reason.

edge faces (5.9 MB)

Omar (5.9 MB)


Thanks again! this was much simpler than what I was trying to do :slight_smile:

And if I were to then move each of these surfaces outwards, how can I stop the middle curved part from deforming. I get that it deforms because the royals are intersecting with each other, so is there a way of making the larger surface itself move outwards and not all the individual surfaces on it? Sorry this probably isn’t making a lot of sense but I’ve attached a screenshot of what I mean and the code, maybe that would make it more clear? (5.9 MB)



Hi Michael,

I was wondering if there is a way of trimming excess overhangs off of my facade using the original brep. Basically since I offset curves on my facade pattern, some shapes went outside of the brep so I just want to trim the extra off. I tried using “brep 1” to extract wireframe edges to use as a splitting curve but I realized that wouldn’t work. I’ve included all the necessary geometry I think in the gh file below. Please let me know if I should open a new thread for this specific issue.

trimming my (10.2 MB)
Thank you,

the geomentry is so complicated i tried for one panel …
solid difference (1.8 MB)