Finding the difference between two sets of referenced geometries

I’m trying to find the difference between two sets of referenced circles.
Since the “Set Difference” component only works with text, I made this diference with the GUID, it works.
Now I’m trying to get back the original geometries using their GUID.
I found a python here: [Get object through GUIDgr], but it flattens the data tree…

Is there a way to get this data tree structure back, or does someone have an idea on how to make this difference (with or without scripting, I don’t care)

That isn’t true. Sets can consist of other data types like points and integers. Posting geometry and/or code is highly recommended.

Well, OK, thank you for your answer…
This definition is for sorting geometries coming from repetitives dxf files for CNC processing.
Here the concerned files (V6, Elefront needed):
GUID (36.4 KB) Poteau.3dm (142.9 KB)
I found a solution with Cull Duplicates (center) points. But the GUID solution would have my preference, because it excludes some unaccurate geometries.

Why don’t you just use Geometry parameter after Guid?

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Because I’m an apprentice! Thank you very much for this master technique!