Find the Normal vector of any plane


(Imen Soussi) #1

Hi everybody,
I want to konw if there is a component in GH to find the Normal vector of any plane.
i have 2 different planes, and when i made deconstruct plane, the x, y and z are the default vectors of grasshopper not specific to each plane… in this case the 2 vectors are différent and i can’t continue the prgramm later


Check this…

(Pelle) #3

Or evalsrf:

(Imen Soussi) #4

how can i use the output of the vector display, I need it :slight_smile:


I’m afraid not. It’s just for display purpose and thus has no output.
Plane normal vector is only unit vector with starting and ending points, ie, direction.
If you understand the definition of a vector, the method you use is very simple.

(Pelle) #6

You can use the vector to create a line though, I think that’s what she meant to do.

Edit: sorry, that’s what you did there, I noticed :wink: