Issue with FitPlane method wrong Normal


I am trying FitPlane method and noticed that my Normal is different to one in Rhino.
Any idea why? I am looking for a reliable FitPlane method so it should face up in this example. (8.8 KB)

You might just want to use the Evaluate Surface component. your input surface is a planar surface so you don’t really need to fit a plane.

What about the answers provided here…

@martinsiegrist @Rickson

thanks for your reply.
I thought that there is some workaround. I thought that fit place works the same as evaluate surface. Seems they use a different method. I have points in some order so FitPlane should follow this order.
I got your point @Rickson that normal need point order, but do not understand why it can not follow the same method and use Point order provided. It seems I have to create from points surface get plane and normal and use this rather than FitPlane… I thought that is some alternative method

I wouldn’t really trust a point order.

Fit plane is used to fit a plane into a set of points that do not lie on one plane.

Surface normal is dependent on point order (clockwise or counter), my bad i could have been more clear.

thanks for the help this was clear… for me it was and still is not intuitive and did not know that there are not alternative,

good to know, seems I was using wrong function as my points are co-planar and need to create surface first to get normal