Find edge points in point cloud

Hi Guys,
How to find a boundary of point cloud? See attached image

Right now i only remember a manual option.
a) Top view - Selbrush - select fast all possible edge points - curve trough points.
b) Top view - Lasso selection - select fast all edge points - curve trough points.

Oh it is a lot of work ))

Yes it is… but sorry, i do not know other way.

Two options:

  • Get the convex hull of the points projected on the XY plane. You can do this with the Mesh->Triangulation->Convex Hull component in Grasshopper.

  • Get the Delaunay triangulation of the points (Mesh->Triangulation->Delaunay Mesh), and throw away any faces / triangles with edges above a certain length, and get the outline of the result. This will let you outline concave shapes.

Note: Expect it to take a very long time with the amount of points you have.

How about Alpha Shape in GH?