Find angle between two surface edges

Hey guys,

I have multiple surfaces that have connecting edges with surfaces beside them. I want to extract the angle between all the edges of the surface with the surface beside them. Whats the easiest way to do it in Grasshopper?


220610_v1.3dm (274.2 KB)

Use Angle command with TwoObjects command line option, then you can select each planar surface.

However, the tool is not very smart. In the case below it returns an angle of 37.48 degrees which is obviously supposed to be way more.

So you need to subtract 37.48 from 180 which means the angle is 142.52.

@wim @pascal I can see why it returns this angle from a coding point of view given it checks the angle between the 2 planes. But shouldn’t the tool be smart enough to figure out which direction these faces are and calculate the actual angle instead of having to do this calculcation work around?

Thats great!

But apologies I forgot to mention I wanted to do this with grasshopper because I have like 300 faces.

Then I suggest you change the topic category to Grasshopper instead of Rhino

This definition calculates the angles between normals.

I did not internalise the surfaces so you need to open it with your Rhino file. (22.5 KB)


Thank you very much. Works perfect!

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