Find a point in certain distance from Reference point and on the selected curve


I have a problem statement where on the curve i have many points which may or may not be equally spaced (Here in the given example below, i have considered equally spaced points).

When I select a point (Initial Point), It should give a point that is present in certain distance away (which is specified by the user, say point that is 10 mm away).

There are 2 possibilities, it can give a point in clock-wise (A) or in anti-clockwise direction (B)

Lets say user should have permission to choose if its clockwise or anti-clockwise

As here in this case there is no point in 10mm distance anti-clockwise, Then return all point GUID’s that is 0.6mm proximity (user given, he can choose any value) to 10mm .

So in the above case, if user chooses anti-clockwise, then it should return a point which is ticked.

Can you suggest any Python function that does this tasks or any python script available or any input on which rhino functions that can be used to achieve this task

CAD file attached below

Thanks in Advance

find_a_point_in_perticular_distance.stp (29.0 KB)