Find a good way to get the outline of the sliced (1.5 MB)

I want to create the outline of buildings and terrain for laser cutting. But I find it’s difficult to merge them together and get a perfect outline.
The GH including some python code but it looks useless. :disappointed_relieved:

You have open breps ; you need close them, and you can use intersection between mesh/planes & brep/planes (2.9 MB)

You could also sort the closed crv - area - deconstruction in the z direction and use equality to put them in branches or group and move them in series in the xy plane… Does that help let me know

Thank you Adityajain, but I think I need to find a way to merge all the curve with the same X coordinate, just like CurveBoolean…

Thank you Seghier, I wiil try to close them but I wish to get the outline of these two group of curve. In rhino I can use CurveBoolean to get it but it’s impossible to create all of them because it take too much time.

Try to use Region Union. (1.5 MB)

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