Fin edge vs. Fin duplicate of edge

The white surfaces are duplicate. They are full surfaces (edges are natural).
The red surface was made by _Fin of the edge of the white surface.
The green surface was made by _Fin of a _DupEdge of the edge of the white surface.
I expect the red surface to be the same as the green, without the extra knots.


Fin_Edge_vs_crv.3dm (44.7 KB)

This occurs in 7.16.22067.13001, 2022-03-08 as well as in V5, V6, and 8.0.22067.16305, 2022-03-08.

Hi Steve - I would expect that as well, I’ll add this to the pile, thanks.
RH-67883 Fin: More complex with duped edge


_OffsetNormal also produces different output depending on whether the input is a curve or an edge.

looks like this got changed for V8, but does not take care on precision - see this topic: