Filter supported files to only show the ones I use

Hello there,

Is there a way to filter down the visible supported file formats on Rhino?

On “save as”, “exported selected”, “import”, … you always have 20+ options of file formats to use, but normal daily work you would use maybe 5 different formats.

Is there a way we could hide the formats which are never used? Or highlight the ones we use with color…
Any advanced option string, script, …?

Thanks a lot for helping out!

Hi -

We have had a wish item on the pile “for a while now” that is for sorting the lists. I’ve added this thread and a comment to that item RH-3759.

What happens if You deactivate Import/Export module ?

when clicking on the dropdown, you can use the keyboard to quickly get to the file format.
step= “sss enter”
.obj = “o enter”
.stl=“ssss enter”

it’s not the holy grail, but it works quite ok for saving time.