WISH: A small improvement in Export Dropdown

I very often export different parts of 3d-models from Rhino to Iges. The export list is long and it usually takes 2-3 seconds to find IGES line in dropdown. It would be wonderful to let user check export formats he really needs somewhere in option in order to just hide unneeded lines or to mark needed as bold with some beautiful color.

I don`t think it’s hard to do but can save our eyes and time. Thanks for attention

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There was a plug-in for Rhino 3 or 4 that did something similar - IIRC, you could re-order the list and put the most-used at the top. But it disappeared a long time ago…

Hello - got that, thanks.



@pascal - I wonder here if he is talking about the list of IGES types - which remember the last type used and thus are relatively unobtrusive after the first use - or filtering the full list of export formats in the Save/Export dialog, which is what I was referring to…


Hi Mitch - thanks - you may be right. And now I do remember that plug-in… I’ll edit my bug report.


I would really love this option as well @3d.master. There are only 3 file types I export too and I wish I could hide the rest. stl is a scroll down to every time.


I know it’s probably the most WRONG thing to do…but I just cut and paste all those import/export plugins from the Rhino folder that I DONT use to a different folder then restart it. From there it doesn’t load all those import/export things that I’ll never use.
Poor man’s fix.

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Nice! Simple and effective.


Thankyou @wingnut3414 . That has been driving me crazy for years. Much more manageable now.


Disabling them in the plug-in manager user interface is a little less intrusive way to achieve the same results