Filter for Unique Pareto Front Solutions?

First of all, thank you for building an amazing tool.

Is there a way to filter Pareto Front solutions to only add unique solutions for export?

I often end up with several identical solutions getting distributed to grid.

We are glad you find Wallacei useful.
What do you mean by identical solution? Morphologically similar or in their performance? can you share a screen shot of the solutions on the grid?

Thank you for the quick reply.
I ran a small example to try to show what I mean.
Attached are two screenshots of the Pareto Front from the last generation exported to grid.
The first screenshot is the entire pareto front, and the second is zoomed in on two identical solutions.
Gen: 9 / Ind:0 and Gen:9 / Ind: 1 are genetically identical (genes circled in green)

Having repetitions in the Parato Front is not something unusual specially for the small scale experiments and/or large population sizes. The option you are asking is not included in the public release. but in the later releases we may add the option to remove duplicate solutions.

Thanks for clarifying.
Keep up the great work!

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