Exporting best Solutions from Pareto

Hi @milad.showkatbakhsh and @mmakki_10, Hope you doing well.

I want to know how can I export my best results from Pareto?
Should we consider the best solutions according to the results of the last generation? Or is there a way to export the frontiers solutions in our Pareto chart?


You can export the Pareto Front of the entire population or from any generation you wish. I recommend using the ML functionality to cluster the Pareto Front of the entire population into a number of groups and export them - Do further analysis and pin down one of the group representatives as your desired solution then get all the members in that group exported as well. A good selection process should be investigative and iterative.

Thanks for your prompt reply @milad.showkatbakhsh

Unfortunately, I did not get what you said specificly, would you explain it more, please?
How to cluster and whatever this process needs?
I thought the best solutions are coming from the last generation, hence in multi-objective optimization, the last generation should contain our best solutions and we should choose among them (whether we want a balance solution or maximizing X is our priority or…)!
Is that wrong? and if yes please explain more about what you said.

I also realized now, the output of Pareto Front Mesh and Curves is empty in two objective optimization and I think this means all of populations in each generation could count as frontiers!

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