Filleting edges

I can’t seem to use filletsrf on the edges. Why not?2_Hawk bracelet 2018.3dm (4.0 MB)

if the surfaces are joined, you’ll want to use FilletEdge instead…
that said, there are likely going to be some problematic areas in your model when filleting… such as:

…i’m not sure if that’s meant to be smooth through there or if all the extra kinks/surfaces are a requirement?

Hi Jeff, Thanks for responding. The weird part on the middle tail feather is where I joined the model. I only drew 1/2 of it and then mirrored it and joined. I can smooth that out I think.

Hi Jeff–I’ve tried to eliminate the extra control points around the problem areas. I’ve done fillet corners on this before I do a solid and attempt fillet edge. However, I seem to have two curves on the outer tailfeathers–how do I get rid of this? Don’t do it for me, if you could just explain it to me, that would be great!

–SusanA_6_20_18 hawk.3dm (2.4 MB)

Hi Susan - you might try CurvatureGraph on your curves - that can tell you a lot about how clean, or otherwise, they are.

Where all those curvature spikes are you have stacked control points (two or more in one location) - I’m guessing the curves are imported, from AI, maybe? Stacked points are not good for surfacing - you should
explode the curve, I would say, and try to make these curve segments from clean new curves.

(That curve is fiddled - It may be that using Rebuild on the segments to degree 3 and 4 points will result in something close enough without needing to fiddle any more.)


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Hi All, I fixed the control point problem. Now I have good planar curves. To make a solid .8mm with smooth edges( filleting edge) item, what do I need to do next? I have a terrible time once I’ve extruded a solid to make nice filleted edges.

Hi Susan - can you post what you have so far?


Pascal–I’ve attached my updated file. But I was thinking maybe I should get rid of more points around the tight corners? Let me know what you think! --SusanA_6_20_18 hawk copy 2.3dm (2.4 MB)

Plus I’m using Rhino for mac 3d 5

Hi Susan - most of the rounded corners appear to be .25 radius - these areas, on the eventual extrusion, should be able to handle fillet the edge at a radius smaller than that - .24, say - or less. But there are some locations on your curve where the radius is a lot smaller - .029 for instance. At those locations, the FilletEdge radius will need to be smaller - to cannot apply a radius to the edge fillet that is larger than the radius of the edge itself at that location.

I recommend tuning the curve so that none if it has a radius as large or larger than the fillet you want to apply there - CuvatureGraph will help you find the locations to check:


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Curvature or Radius can be used to find the numerical value of the radius.

An alternative is to modify the curves so that there are corners in place of the tight radius curves.This will result in sharp transverse edges in the fillets at the corners.

Hi Pascal–The only problem I have with Curvature Graph is that I can’t seem to get the little numbers to show the radius…I don’t see a checkbox or anything in the dialog box that pops up either…please help! --Susan