Filleting Corners

I’m filleting the edges on a cube, but weird things happen at the corners where 3 surfaces come together. Ragged edges sticking out at these corners. Also, if I fillet the four vertical edges of the cube, it looks like there’s a rectangular plane sitting on top of the cube. Using the fillet surfaces command.

FilletSrf will only make a fillet between two surfaces and trim only those two. In a closed-up box, the adjacent two surfaces will not be trimmed. You could use the FilletEdge command instead or do the extra trimming manually.

Fillets can be one of the trickiest things to master in Rhino. Anytime I have a three-way edge intersection, I do the fillets in two separate passes.

  • First, make the larger fillet.
  • Then, make the remaining two edges a smaller fillet. This will allow the fillet to ‘flow’ around the first corner.
  • its actually rare (in product design) to have all three fillets the same size.

I made an entire video on fillets called ‘Mastering Fillets’ in the course ‘Rhino Projects: Building a Gaming Console.’ You need a subscription to watch, but here is a link for 10-days free.

Awesome; I’ll check it out. Thanks guys

I was recently having no success filleting all the edges of a box with flat top and bottom faces and front and end faces gently curved (like a windowsill). I wanted the fillets to conform to the shape that would be generated by a woodworking router being run around the item, following a rectangular jig.

The solution that worked for me in this case was to forget the fillet command and instead to rail curves representing the transitions between straight and corner surfaces.