FilletEdge rhino command works but not rhinocommon

I have a pair of edges I’m trying to fillet. The FilletEdge command in rhino does it no problem. But the rhinocommon FilletEdge does not work. It can only fillet one edge at a time, which, combined, doesn’t result in a clean fillet across both edges. Any thoughts on how I can fillet both edges with Rhinocommon?

Pic below. Attached is the 3dm file.

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FilletEdgeTesting.3dm (834.7 KB)

Hi @samlochner,

Are you using Brep.CreateFilletEdges? Can you post some simple, sample code that doesn’t work for you with this model?

– Dale

Hi Dale,

Yes, I’m using Brep.CreateFilletEdges. Below is my code, where LastFront is the brep being worked on.

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Dim EdgeIndicesToFilletList As New List(Of Integer)
            For i = 0 To LastFront.Edges.Count - 1
                If LastFront.Edges(i).GetBoundingBox(True).Max.X < ChopBoxPlaneOrigin.X + 0.1 Then
                End If
            Dim TopEdgeIndex, BottomEdgeIndex As Integer
            If LastFront.Edges(EdgeIndicesToFilletList(0)).GetBoundingBox(True).Max.Z > LastFront.Edges(EdgeIndicesToFilletList(1)).GetBoundingBox(True).Max.Z Then
                TopEdgeIndex = EdgeIndicesToFilletList(0)
                BottomEdgeIndex = EdgeIndicesToFilletList(1)
                TopEdgeIndex = EdgeIndicesToFilletList(1)
                BottomEdgeIndex = EdgeIndicesToFilletList(0)
            End If
            Dim FilletedLastFront = Brep.CreateFilletEdges(LastFront, {TopEdgeIndex, BottomEdgeIndex}, {3}, {3}, BlendType.Fillet, RailType.RollingBall, 0.001)(0)

Use three backticks on the lines before and after the code block.

– Dale

Much cleaner, thanks.

Note that I’ve tried different options for BlendType and RailType without any luck.


The startRadii and endRadii counts need to match the edgeIndices count, so replace each {3} with {3, 3}

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That did it, thanks!