Fillet failures how to fillet to a taper?

One of my fillets comes to a taper, how is that catered for ?
see ‘A’

What is the procedure in such ?

and I need a ‘web’ of 0.1 rad at ‘B’

I do the 0.1 rads then next and 0.05 rads.

and get a mess.

FilletEdge issues.3dm (1.7 MB)


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Hello- I have no idea in your file what edge needs to taper to what radius but you can set non-constant radii along an edge or edges.
Things will bwe better, I would say, if you MergeAllCoplanarFaces first.


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Its 100% guaranteed that FilletEdge will just make a mess of something like this. There is really no point in even thinking about using Filletedge. You are just wasting your time.

You can make all the fillets using FilletSrf.

It doesn’t really matter which size fillet you make first.
You can make the big fillets first and wrap the little fillets around the big or you can make the little fillets first and run the big over the little. You are making all the concave fillets big and all the convex fillets little so you have a lot of freedom to make either size first. Its only when you make fillets of the same type cross that you have to worry about making the bigger one first.

Fillet-x.3dm (958.2 KB)

Also, when you make a fillet that tapers to a point you often need to zoom in and use setpt to make the fillet come to an exact point in order to get it to properly trim and join.

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I dont have a step by step of yours, so I try for union the objects then Pascals MergeAllCoplanarFaces though v5 has only mergeAllFaces so I use that.
I have established more accurate radii I need, 0.08 inch and 0.035

I run FilletSrf and select the first surface then that abutting it, and get the horizontal fillet.

There is no chaining offered.

I then select the next surface and the one abutting it, and a fillet forms but its lost a surface, I can see inside.

Unlike FilletEdge where all to be done are selected, this creates missing surfaces, surfaces I was to select in the next selection.

Yours is great, but how was it done ?

FilletSrf issues.3dm (1.4 MB)


All of that is a waste of time… FilletEdge will still just make a mess.

FilletSrf is just the process of making fillets between pairs of surfaces. It gets the job done and does it correctly. I find it ridiculous to spend an enormous amount of time creating edges to fillet when you know that FilletEdge will fail. If you want features connected by fillets just go straight to the process of making the fillets that connect them.

Your latest post changed all the fillet sizes that you had in the model you posted earlier, but here is an example of the steps with the new fillet sizes. I used different colors to indicate the different features that are connected by a string of fillets of the same size.
Fillet_example.3dm (474.5 KB)

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I think I’m starting to see why “filletedge” is a silly ‘constraint’ for the whole fillet ideology, I mean why constrain it to an edge… :thinking: :thought_balloon:

I just think that “filletsrf” should have a new version called “filletmorethantwosrfs” :sweat_smile:

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Hi Jim,
I try to do the green fillet you show, as soon as I select two surfaces I get my first fillet, but then to progrsss from that the next two cause a blob.

I try again at the front end and immediate get a blob.

I try again higher up and get the arched one, but then the next surface along is missing now.

It wont let me select my surfaces then apply the fillet.

You show the green one, but how did you manage that for as soon as I pick my first two it fillets and removes surfaces, they are gone,

I cant manage it at all.

I would do a video showing this happening but dont know how to make something small file size to post .

FilletSrf disallows multiple selection, no chain command.

FilletSrf issues try again.3dm (4.2 MB)

Mental torture.

At least FilletEdge allows one to pick ones way along then it happens when one gives the ok.

I need to see how this is done in a video as I am trying to work right to left and surfaces vanish.

exactly !..glad its not just me !


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No. You did not do what I showed in the file I posted above: Fillet_example.3dm (474.5 KB)

If you did what I showed you would get the same result I did. FillertSrf is very consistent in its output. If you are not getting the same fillet I got for the same pair of surfaces you must know that you did not do what I showed.

As I said in the earlier post. Your initial mistake was to boolean everything together. That just makes it more difficult to fillet. I went to the trouble to separate the model back to its constituent features to make it easier to fillet.

I managed it by using filletsrf with the options ( Extend=No Trim=No BlendType=CircularFillet )

The idea is that you are connecting two sets of tangent surfaces. In the case of the green .08" fillet in my file that string of fillets is a bridge connecting the pink and the black sets.

If you want a step by step tutorial on how to make that string of green fillets, just lock those fillets and step by step make each fillet on top of the locked fillets.

After you make all those fillets you can join them and use that string of fillets to trim the pink surface. After that, the green and pink surfaces combined make another set of tangent surfaces which can then be used to make the light green .038" fillets.

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