Fillet failed


I have enough a problem, I would like to make a filed but it is impossible.
Could you please tell me what I need to do step by step?
Please find the file attached,

thanks a lot,

NBtest.3dm (250.9 KB)

You finally want this?

only on the little parts,

I don’t know what little parts means exactly, but I used the grey part to split the purple part and removed all purple parts not needed. Then I used the purple part to split the grey part and removed all grey parts not needed. Then I jointed everything… HTH, Marcus

I want to make a filet R8 only on the two small parts, not to all the piece,

Wasn’t that explained here:

If you have specific problems with any of these steps then try to identify which step you find difficult.

I don’t understand how can I do to fill the hole (see my next post).
When I make a filet and when I trim it create a hole so there is a lot of new line so the apparence of the model seems more complicate. It is possible to simplify the line who define the surfaces?
thanks a lot