Fillet problem with boolean

hello I try to make a filet (dial 8 mm) only on the small part but the program don’t accept it, it makes a strange think. Could you please tell me how can I do?
Please find the file attached.
thanks a lot
NBfillet edge.3dm (180.3 KB)

The largest fillet you will be able to get onto that edge is 4.03 mm - which is the length of the edge of the cut-in:

It looks like you are thinking to get this produced by folding sheet metal. If you would force a 8 mm radius on that edge, the material would tear under those cut-ins so the best way to go forward would be to make those cuts deeper than 8 mm.

Is this what you want?

fillet edgex.3dm (125.2 KB)

yes it is jim, thank you but could you explain what you had done?
thanks a lot

Here is a file showing how I would approach this:
Trimmed_Tab.3dm (339.2 KB)

First I would make the bent tab part by extruding its profile (cyan). You can extract and delete the surface (green) where it will connect to the main body (black).

Second, add the pieces for the side clearance (red)

Then you can select all four parts (2 red, 1 cyan, and 1 black) and trim away all the pieces that you don’t want. Make sure you trim away all the parts that need to be trimmed. There is an internal part of the black polysurface that is easy to miss if you aren’t careful.

After trimming , while everything is still selected, run the join command.