File formats associated with Rhino : Rant against Windows

I associated most of the exchange 3D file formats with Rhino on my Windows machine : DXF, DWG, STEP, IGES to name a few.

But I realize that if I filter by type in the Windows file explorer, these files get all jumbled-up as the “Rhino 3-D model” type.

Of course, I can filter by file type like *.dwg for example, but heck, I found something new I could complain about so here I am !

Yeah, I see that here too - would sorting by file extension help?



OK, forget it.
I found that I could add a properties column “File extension” in the windows explorer, and that does what I want.
“File type” will group file types which have been associated to a software, while “File extension” does cares about the file suffix.
I don’t delete the post in case it helps someone else.

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Damned ! Mitch was in ambush mode :slight_smile: !

Thanks Mitch.

One of the few times I’m actually sitting in front of my computer these days…

Yup, when I retire, I think I’ll try to spend as little time in front of a screen as possible.
I long for my workshop projects, making real stuff…

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Yeah, that’s what I’m doing mostly these days, along with hiking. However, I do have a class I have to give starting in less than two weeks, so I’m (begrudgingly) starting to prepare…

So retirement didn’t get through after all :wink:


Not 100%, no… I was kinda ‘volunteered’ for this responsibility. I am working on passing it on to someone else in the near future so I can up my retirement percent a bit… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


iirc You can change the registry