#$#@! DXF file association

Just been trying to associate dxf files with Rhino on my colleague’s computer - for about an hour - no dice. Rhino doesn’t even show up in the “Open with” list, and when I try to point it there, it won’t even let me click OK to validate. No matter from which end I try to work it (Windows file association etc.), I always end up going around in circles.

Also tried editing the registry under HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Classes.dxf\OpenWithList but no help there either… Seemed like this was a problem a long time ago - why hasn’t it been fixed?


Hey Mitch,
No such problem here. First I picked the first Rhino that appeared and that turned out to be v4 but then I went in again - RMB > Open with > Browse… (with Always use… selected).
Win 7 64-bit.

Well, on my colleague’s computer, no Rhino appears at all. And no possibility of making it appear. Looks like this thread is expressing a similar problem with IGES file association. File association has been a known problem since SR0.


Does anyone have an answer on this?: What registry entries do I have to create to force this to work?


I have problems with assosiating stuff with V5. It insists on opening files in V4.
Even if I rightclick and choose V5 64bit.

Hi Mitch,

I remember using this tool (or alike) to un-associate in order to create a clean new association.

It’s standalone, so no install hassle.


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Thanks Willem, I remember having done this on my old install a long time ago… Forgot about that utility. In fact, it helped solve part of the problem, but I finally had to do some more manual work For anyone else that has to do this:

  1. Just un-associating the file type did not allow me to set Rhino 5 x64 as default.
  2. I actually had to use the other tool in the utility - REMOVE file type.
  3. I had to run that THREE times to get rid of the file type from the list
  4. At that point I STILL could not re-associate DWG or DXF with Rhino 5 x64.
  5. I then opened an admin-level Windows command prompt (in search, type cmd and “run as admin”…)
  6. Type assoc .dxf=Rhino5x64.Document and Enter
  7. Now right click on a DXF file and choose “Open with…” you should find Rhino 5 x 64 in the list, choose that and check “Always use this program…”
  8. Done (finally!)

Needless to say, this REALLY should not be necessary!

Ha, anyone who can’t figure THAT out don’t deserve to be able to double click on ANY file type if you ask me. Noobs!

PS! Thanks for sharing!