Feature Request Python IDE

(Adam Hollis) #1

Is it possible to allow use of any IDE for writing python scripts? It would be really nice to use a full-featured IDE and be able to launch it from within rhino, and do testing, custom colors, linting etc.


I like this idea too. I would like to be able to use SublimeText or Atom to write python script for Grasshopper.

(Steve Baer) #4

You can write your scripts in any editor.

(Adam Hollis) #6

yes, of course, but not being able to test natively or have linting and
autocomplete on rhinocommon reduces the appeal of that workflow to zero.

(Steve Baer) #7

As far as I know, there isn’t a one size fits all solution for supporting all of the different IDEs out there. We do plan to plan to try and “pick one” and do a better job of improving communication between the editor and Rhino (this was done for Atom in Mac Rhino.)

(Adam Hollis) #8

being able to use atom on windows would be great. I’m not married to any
particular editor, there are a number of great ones out there, and the
Built-in one is by no means unworkable, it’s just that something like atom
offers a lot more, and some nifty features that make development a faster
and more pleasant.