Feature Request: Multi-user Mode

Hi Y’all, Devs,

tldr: please give us MMOR: Massive Multiuser Online Rhino.

Here is my first post to this forum after using Rhino in my dayjob and freetime activity for fifteen years now and after writing hundrets of commands, mainly in architecture and facades. Weird, I know.

Anyways. I wanted to offload a thought that I had for many years, actually since back when the devs or David visited us at ZHA in London and we prepared lists of wishes and comments for them. So here it is: I wish there was true multi-user mode. A realtime collaboration with many users modelling in the same time in the same 3D model, just the way reality on construction sites and wherever people collaborate in real live works as well. I am tired of this one person one model one computer constraint and instead want to work with my team, you know, directly. Like in a MMOG. I also hope that one day this would blow silly stuff like BIM360 and similar awkward “collaboration” environments right out of the water. When someone explained the conept behind BIM to me back in the day I immediately pictured this multi-user mode and ever since I think contemporary BIM is kind of a joke and far cry compared to this futuristic true collaboration.

Our 3D team we now call the “digital twin” team. The more I think about it I come to like the name and concept but unfortunately our main work-horse (Rhino), along with essentially all other software, forces us to split our buildings into sub-tasks that then are given to individuals on separate machines. Digital Twin sounds like there could be one copy of the world in the digital environment. Instead we split and join models all of the time with all the headaches and inefficiencies that come with it. I appreciate there are some ideas floating and being tried out that bring us a bit closer together but nothing matches my dream of true multiuser mode.

I sort of forgot about this, thinking it might be too complicated to implement. Until the good people of Blender introduced this exact feature two days ago (youtube link). That reminded me and made me reach out here.

If I’m still in the wrong group let me know. It would just be great if my little voice could be heard where it matters so it can be dismissed in the next meeting or whatever you do to decide on what to implement next.

That’s it. Crazy stuff, I know. But I can’t imagine a future without this feature and I believe that from a certain point on it will be normal for us to work in all powerful multi-user mode software. Personally I only wish it would still be Rhino as I really love this environement for various reasons.

I’ll stop here. Commuity, what do you think?

Have a good day you all!




@stevebaer - do you have any ideas about how feasible this might be?


Sure it’s feasible; @aj1 did some prototype work in this area. It is a big and complicated topic.

Yes, feasible, but a big project indeed.

Users “check out” Layers…? and check in when done with it. Object tables kept separate (per user) until Layer-check in

(everything is so simple at the coffee table…) :wink:

// Rolf