[FEATURE REQUEST] Loose option in ExtrudeCrvTapered and ExtrudeSrfTapered

Please do “loose” option in ExtrudeCrvTapered and ExtrudeSrfTapered.
I think that many people would be happy with that feature. Not only me :wink:

It would produce cleaner results after those operations which could be helpful for example during car bumper creation when size could increase drastically because of the heavy geometry produced by that. Doing that manually is time consuming. Scripting is possible to omit that ( ExtrudeCrvTapered / ExtrudeSrfTapered and single span - #2 by maje90 ) but IMO it should be done by default.

I would like to apologize because I’ve written here also about OffsetSrf but obviously it has a Loose option in WIP 8. That`s why I ask here only about adding the Loose option to ExtrudeCrvTapered and ExtrudeSrfTapered.