ExtrudeCrvTapered / ExtrudeSrfTapered and single span

I have single span curves which after making ExtrudeCrvTapered / ExtrudeSrfTapered makes me dense geometry. How do you handle that?

Related to your question, Tapered Extrusion is similar to 2D offset curve: the result of offsetting a generic curve will have much more control points.
You will have the same amount of control points on an offset curve only with particular cases like a straight line or perfect arcs/circles.

Similarly, tapered extrusion needs to add more control points (the isocurves you see, denser) to make the correct surface.

If you need a less dense output surface you can lower the tolerance of your document, but it’s not a wonderful idea…
Or, you can split/rebuild your initial curve to simpler segments, tapered extrusion will result in many but maybe simpler surfaces…

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Similar to _Offset and _OffsetSrf, _ExtrudeCrvTapered and _ExtrudeSrfTapered should have a Loose option, but I do not see issues for them on https://mcneel.myjetbrains.com/youtrack

My rhinopython/spb_TaperFromPathOnVerticalFrames.py at master · CADacombs/rhinopython · GitHub (with dependencies) can make loose tapered extrudes but is less user-friendly than _ExtrudeCrvTapered.

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@spb That script is brilliant!!! This is how I would like to see that operation by default in Rhino. Produced surfaces are very nice. Split on knots is super. Thank you so much for that script.

This script needs a lot of dependencies so is best to download all Steven scripts into one folder before triggering it.