Feature Request: 'Confirm Before' Command List

Apologies if there’s already threads related to this. A feature which would be super helpful would be a list of commands that Rhino would ask you to confirm before executing. Seems like it would fit well in the “General” options category with what’s already there. It’s mostly aggravating on save commands. I use a lot of typed commands, and a missed keystroke can accidentally execute a really laborious command which is an annoying interruption of workflow. For example, missing the “v” by one letter while typing “inv” for Invert, yields “inc”, which Rhino autocompletes to IncrementalSave. Woof. Could I just make an alias for “inc” which does nothing? Absolutely, but it’s much easier to have a list of commands which would yield a confirmation pop-up box than it is to think about every typed command I use and what commands I could accidentally execute by missing a keystroke. When working in multi-gigabyte files from a server, an accidental “save” of any type can be a 5-10 minute loss of productivity.