FEA Analysis for Rhino

Are any of you guys using FEA with Rhino?

If so what works the best?

We are a company that designs off road race vehicles and we are looking at adding this element to our designs.

There are others, but this seemed interesting. It’s not updated, it appears.

I’ve used to export .stp files, and load them into Salome-Mecha, and do some FEA on Code-Aster. The problem is: any error codes are in French. The French energy comglomerate EDF uses Code-Aster to test their nuclear containment, as well as run thermal studies on their fuel assemblies, so it should work a little : )
Mallage, what the heck is mallage?!

Noting: I hate web-based software.

from @gerryark

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Hello @gerryark, are there some public verification problems available for Falko solver? It is possible to verify its accuracy?