Realtime FEA in Rhino with DMM

Through another project, I’ve had the opportunity to work with the DMM engine. The really great thing about DMM is that it can handle large deformations, fracturing, anisotropic materials, and plastic deformation, all in one super fast tetrahedral FEA package. Great for VFX as well as blast analysis (just decrease the timestep…).

Getting to know the engine was so much fun, that I’ve mocked up a little prototype for using it as Rhino plugin, and thought I’d share some videos in case this might be of interest to anyone. If there seems to be a need for this kind of thing, developing a full release is definitely possible - so it would be great to hear any feedback!

Some videos:

Panel deform from meshconsultants on Vimeo.

Panel break from meshconsultants on Vimeo.

Panel Shatter from meshconsultants on Vimeo.


Kinda Kangaroo-like -


Yep, except with fracturing, plastic deformation, and tetrahedral elements with collision detection…:wink:

Looks great! Could definitely be profitable as a lower-cost alternative to SW simulation and the like. If you designed the interface to allow for simple structural/thermal analysis with a basic material database it could be a great way to iterate on designs before taking them into full blown production.

The potential looks strong. Have you culled together a cost to produce analysis that might yield some sort of moderately accurate cost to acquire? Keep us all posted with you progress, this could be a big winner. Regards, Rob