Faster split in Python

I’ve been using grasshopper for a while and it seems that the split component takes a lot longer to execute than the split command in Rhino. I’ve tried doing Rhino.Geometry.BrepFace.Split() via GhPython but that takes a long time too. Is there an alternative to split with curves that I am not seeing? I can literally split something in Rhino in less than a second, but then doing the same with SrfSplit or via Rhinocommon takes 10x longer.

I posted this question to, but maybe you guys will be able to help:

split (7.8 KB) split model.3dm (42.6 KB)


Lawrence Yun

Hi Lawrence,
@piac recorded this issue for us to investigate at

Well that’s good. I’m quite shocked that no one has ever thought to report this (I’ve suffered with SrfSplit being slow for so many years now). I feel like there are a lot of grasshopper generated designs that rely on perforation (but I guess a lot of it is related to meshes and weaverbird). You would think this kind of inefficiency would have been corrected by now. I am going to more actively report issues from now on.

How will the fix be applied, will it be in the next grasshopper update?


Changes like this require changes to core Rhino. We think we found a fix for this and will include it in the next V6 WIP. If you are willing to try the V6 WIP, I will set up your account so you have access to the application.

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