Facade attractor points

Hi there,

I am attempting to create a sun responsive facade where openings grow bigger when the sun is farther and smaller when the sun is closer. I have created a simulated sun path with a point along an arc acting as the sun. I have also isolated a section of my surface to create this facade on.

Although, I am struggling to create openings that respond to the point on the arc.

I’ve attached a drawing of what I am trying to achieve on the facade as well as my grasshopper file.

Any help would be very appreciated!


GH File:
SunResponse.gh (35.0 KB)

You can’t have a function for your opening based on sun DISTANCE.

(very old meme, click to open)

More likely you want to use the “exposure” or whatever… the angle the sunrays hit the surface… right?

I’ve used LunchBox plugin to generate triangular panels:

SunResponse_re.gh (48.2 KB)

Oops! yes exposure is what I meant. This is exactly what I am looking for but unfortunately I am working on a mac and i’m not sure if that plug in is available to me? is there any other way to create this exact facade that responds to sun exposure?

Yes, I usually avoid using plugins, as often other are missing them.
This case proved it.

(LunchBox is still widely used as it is really useful)

This is the qeuivalent of just one component of lunchbox… :confused:

And still is missing some starting/leading triangles in each row.

(I’ve used vanilla GH triangle and rectangular grid to “map” topology from rectangle to triangular grid subdivision, and used points from SDivide)

SunResponse_re2.gh (42.7 KB)

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Use ladybug, sun distance mean high or low temperature and with weather data (epw) you can control the opening diameter

Thank you for all of your help! I really appreciate it