Extrusion Vector Not Working Correctly

Hi Everyone,

I’m trying to extrude my window panes in the direction of the Normal so that it cuts my facade properly. However, I’m not sure why it is extruding it weirdly and not in one direction despite all the shapes being the same. I used the vector direction of the evaluate surface. I’ve attached a few pictures below as well as my grasshopper file. Thank you so much for sparing time - it’s okay if you are busy!!

Grasshopper Cove Apartments A3 (Final Mai) NEW.gh (133.2 KB)

this is how your definition looks when opened :slight_smile:

please go here, add a number parameter, internalise its data, save, and repost the GH file :slight_smile:

Hi Inno!

So sorry for the trouble. Won’t repeat it next time! Thank you for the heads up it’s all figured out now.

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