Extruding Multiple Surfaces in Both Directions is not Working as I Thought


I am trying to extrude the surfaces in both directions but when I attach a negative component to the vector in which I am using for the surfaces, I don’t see any extruded in the other direction. I am assuming that something is wrong with my data lists but I don’t know what as when I attach panels to them all of the surfaces in all places seem to come from one branch.

For Help Extrusion.gh (179.3 KB)

Thanks in advance!

See attached, use closest point component and easier is to use two separate ‘threads’ for the extrusions

For Help Extrusion_RE.gh (175.8 KB)

Ok, that wasn’t what I was thinking but it makes sense.

Thanks you.

I think for most people, even those that have been working with gh for many years, data management is the hardest part and remains to be difficult at times. Since your surfaces and normals have the same data structure, it makes sense to split it up like this. Alternatively, you need to match both streams of data, and you would end up grafting both the surfaces as wel as making the same amount of branches for your normals in both directions, like the attached:

For Help Extrusion_RE2.gh (182.4 KB)

Thank you for the extra information! I was initially trying to do something like this solution but could get it to work.