Extrude Both Sides

Hey guys,

I found this script that extrudes the surface of both sides. However, it extrudes equally on both sides. Is there a way to control that and extrude variably on each side?

Any help is appreciated and I have attached the code for your consideration.

Please be patient as I am very new to coding

extrude_brep_V2.gh (23.2 KB)

try this

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Thank You so much and sorry for the late response. This works :slight_smile:

Well, that is an offset. Do you want offset (normals are involved and the shape will change) or do you want an extrusion as your topic suggests, which is linear. Here is a simple way to do extrusion, just move the surface opposite direction some distance than extrude that distance plus the extrusion distance in the other direction.

Extrude Two Directions.gh (11.6 KB)

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