ExtrudeCrv produces multiple surfaces


I have to model a guitar body on Rhino. I first need to extruve the shape of the body, then do a VariableFilletSrf to get my shape. When I do the extrusion, two different surfaces are being created on the side of the extrusion. The problem is, I would need only one for the VariableFilletSrf. I’ve tried to delete some control points on the curve, it does only move the surface seperation but does not delete it.

Well my question would be, when does Rhino decide to separate the side of an extrusion into two surfaces ? Is there a way to prevent it ?

Thanks !

Can you attach the 3.dm file to understand the problem?

I’m trying to explain this slightly better, I want to extrude the outter curve here :

This gives me a polysurface which is made of two distinct surfaces :

But I would need only one continuous surface, in order to use it with a VariableFilletSrf command coming next.

The 3dm file here.

stratocaster.3dm (3.2 MB)

Thanks !

Well, you can simply ‘join’ those two surfaces and get a polysrf. Or you can mergesrf the two and get a single surface, :sunglasses:

I am not sure, but I just extruded your curve with CMD + gumball and it worked fine. My work is on layer 1.

I am not sure what caused your issue?


stratocaster-RGedit.3dm (2.7 MB)

The polysurface allows to obtain variable fillet fillets in any case. However, I would prefer to use the _BlendSrf command after removing unnecessary parts


Ok thanks I managed to get through it with _BlendEdge and correcting curvatures of the inital curves !