Extrude surface

hi i want to extrude a few surface on different layers if i do so all the surfaces going to the active layer
is there a way to let them on there own layers (if i extrude now all the materials become trass_roll
but the material need to be separate )
greetings Peter

As i understand your screenshot you want the Extrusions to stay on the layer the surfaces were on?

This Python script will extrude surfaces in the Z direction by an amount you specify and keeps the created extrusions on the layers your surfaces were originally on.

I haven’t tested it with too complex surfaces though, so maybe an example file of yours would be useful.

SimpleSrfExtrusionKeepingOriginalLayers.py (2.4 KB)

Hi Lando thanks that’s what i want to do …thanks for the script can you tell me what folder i have to put this script ??
greetings Peter

Hey peter, When you run the EditPythonScript Command Rhino will let you open the scripts folder.

On my installation it is under
C:\Users\<<My Username>>\AppData\Roaming\McNeel\Rhinoceros\6.0\scripts

I like to put my scripts under a makro for ease of use like so:

'_-RunPythonScript SimpleSrfExtrusionKeepingOriginalLayers.py